Custom Bookmarks

bookmarker printing

Associate the information your audience wants to read with your brand or logo every time they bookmark a page. These high quality bookmarks have a professional feel and finish, making them more aesthetically pleasing and ensuring that they last longer. Print your logo on a bookmark today as a great marketing strategy.

Sizes & Templates:

1.5" x 7" - JPG or EPS

2" x 7" - JPG or EPS

2" x 8"- JPG or EPS

3" x 4"- JPG or EPS

4.25" x 3.66"- JPG or EPS

8.5" x 2.75"- JPG or EPS

8.5" x 3.5"- JPG or EPS

8.5" x 3.667"- JPG or EPS

Stock Types

10 PT

14 PT

14 PT Natural

14 PT Pearl Metallic

14 PT Uncoated

16 PT

18 PT Uncoated Kraft

32 PT Uncoated

Run Sizes

100 to 100,000

Color Options








Coating Options

Aqueous Coating

Full UV on front only

Matte/Dull finish

No Coating


Spot UV

Spot UV on back only

Spot UV on front only

Spot UV on both sides

UV Coating

Design available at an additional charge.

Job Specifications

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